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Have you been putting off writing that obnoxiously long and complicated essay till the last moment? Have you barely any time on your hands to finish it before the term ends? Are you on a tight deadline with nothing to do but stress over it? Admittedly, writing a well-researched, concise, and grammatically correct essay in a short time is a daunting task. If nothing seems to work, you can always find unique, crisply written pieces for sale at EssayYoda. They have an excellent team of creative professionals that will send an authentic, deeply researched, grammatically and logically correct paper in no time.


However, if you are bent on penning the tricky topic all by yourself without even taking a glance at the essays for sale, then you should start with it right away. But don’t just take the plunge without proper planning. Here are five simple tips to get you started on the rough and uneven path of essay writing.

The Tedious Task of Picking a Good Topic

Taking the first step is always tough, but you have to make it. It’s like pushing yourself to wake up early on a dull Monday morning to warm up for an hour’s worth of a workout. As the days pass and you get used to the idea of exercising, it becomes easier. Similarly, you have to drive yourself to research the right topic for your essay. Pick any radically important event in your life, or search for topics centered on your favorite subject or hobby. If your head is showing a blank, you can surf for ideas by perusing the essays for sale available at EssayYoda.

Noting Down and Organizing your Ideas

Once a single idea has taken root in your brain, it will gradually evolve and decay, giving rise to a bagful of more ideas than your head can handle. Keep noting down those thoughts as they come. Once you have reached the peak of your thinking prowess, start organizing those ideas into a neat, free-flowing outline. While composing this outline, you may come across a few more unique concepts to enhance the topic. Write these new ideas in the proper places.

Pen the argument

Fishing for an idea and creating the outline are the most difficult aspects of writing an essay. Now that they are taken care of, you can move on to more interesting and familiar waters. Penning the thesis statement will be simple if you have all your thoughts in place. Just refer to your outline and weave the point of the paper into a single, concise sentence. The end of the essay is usually the first idea that stemmed from your mind. If you are still finding it tough to write a statement, you can refer to the sample essays for sale to realize where you stand.

Start Off with the Body of the Essay

Most people usually start with the introduction. However, since you now have the outline, it would be easier for you to start off composing the body of the paper. Explain your idea in great detail, highlighting all the points and providing compelling examples wherever necessary. Take all the possible criticisms into account and debunk each one definitively. After you have expounded on the idea and busted the various objections, write all the thoughts and facts that support that idea. Creating the bulk of the paper is the easiest part of the entire situation, so get into the groove and finish it off.

Move on to the Intro and finale

Once you have penned the central section of the work, you will find it easy to introduce the topic. Keep the reader hooked right from the word go. Don’t get into the technical details of the subject in the introduction. In conclusion, wrap up all the ideas that you have described in the body. Highlight the primary points of your work to emphasize your side of the argument, and close the piece in such a way that it forces the reader to see the topic in your light.

Finally, proofread the entire thesis twice over, editing out the redundancies and correcting the grammatical and factual errors. You can cross-check the format of your argument with one of the sample essays for sale at EssayYoda. List out all the credible references, and you will be ready to present your work to the concerned department!

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