5 Tips to Find the Best Essay Help

Presently, students apply for essay writing help because of many reasons. We’re not going to consider these reasons – demand will always trigger supply. Here we offer some practical advice on how to choose a reliable essay help and not to become a victim of a fake writing agency. Get ready, get set, go!


Tip #1: Read Writing Policies

Each reliable agency provides comprehensive writing policies to customers. In these policies, they explain the process of making an order, warranties of customers, money-back guarantee, etc. Read these policies carefully before you decide to apply. The fact that they took the time to describe the way they work in details, it means they will not disappear the next day with your money.

Tip #2: Read Confidentiality Policies

Confidentiality of customers is important in essay writing business. Check encryption they use to code their files – make sure you’re paying for safe writing service. Don’t look for the low price because it may mean low quality.

Tip #3: Check the Writers’ Profiles

As a rule, agencies place profiles of their staff on the website so potential customers can get acquainted with those who will take care of papers. Several things are essential on this stage:

  • Education – choose a writer having at least a Master’s degree.
  • Experience – choose an experienced writer who worked at least 1 year in academic writing.
  • The rate of job success – some agencies provide these criteria. You can check how many papers were completed successfully to oversee your chances to receive a high-quality paper.

Tip #4: Demand Samples and Outline

The best way to check the quality of writing is to ask a writer to send you the samples of previous papers. You can evaluate the quality of writing, check grammar and style, identify whether the writer has the necessary expertise to be able to complete your paper, etc. Also, ordering an outline of your future paper is a good idea – you will get to know whether the writer can nail your topic or no. A good agency will provide both samples and outline. Most likely, a fake agency will not respond or will send you the samples of bad quality. You will understand whether you can apply for their help or no.

Tip #5: Contact Support Team

A reliable writing service offers 24/7 support. However, many writing services mention they offer 24/7 support, but does it work in fact? Try to contact the chosen agency at a different time during the day and observe the response time and quality. If you’re satisfied with what you get – go for it!

We offered you several tips regarding the choice of reliable agency. These tips are very effective if you have enough time till the date of submission. Unfortunately, sometimes students tend to play for time, forget to write independently or apply for essay writing help on time. In this case, they expect the work to be completed in several hours and there is not enough time to make the right choice. Therefore, we don’t recommend procrastinating and start to search for a reliable writing agency right after receiving a task. In this way, you can save a lot of time and money. It’s quite possible that you will have to apply for the services of a writing agency several times. Hence, finding a reliable one can make your life much easier.

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