7 Step Process for Essay Writing


A terrifying thing for students is essay writing. However, this is among the key requirements before they can graduate. No matter how hard this art may seem, this is an important skill you need in school and even in life. You can publish your essays on blogs to showcase your skills in certain subjects. This can help improve your employability skills.

Writing essays doesn’t have to scare you as long as you follow certain procedures. When you follow these seven steps, it should be easy to complete an essay. Are you saying ‘I need help writing an essay?’ The good news is that you can always seek essay help from custom essay writing services.

7 Step Process for Essay Writing

While custom essay writing is a huge project, here are steps that students can use to create a stunning paper. Let’s consider them:

  1. Choose topic

Your instructor may have already assigned you a topic, or they may have given you a leeway to choose your desired topic. In case you have been given a topic, all which is necessary is to determine what kind of paper you need to create. Where necessary, ensure that you have narrowed your focus. If you have been given the freedom to choose your desired topic, you will have the benefit of picking something that you will enjoy.

Consider also what type of essay you are required to write. There are 4 key types of essays, and these include persuasive, expository, argumentative and analytical essays. Start by defining your purpose. Are you writing a paper to inform or persuade? Will it provide a general overview of a particular subject, or is it an analysis?

After determining its purpose, pick an interesting topic. When creating an educative paper, choose a subject that you have ample knowledge in. When creating a persuasive essay, choose a subject that you have passion for. No matter the goal of your work, ensure that you pick a subject that you are interested in.

  1. Create a topic outline

For an essay to be successful, ensure that your thoughts remain organized. Transfer your thoughts into the paper. Create a link between ideas in a clear way. This structure will serve as the paper’s foundation. Organize your ideas using a diagram or an outline. A key step in writing a topnotch paper is analyzing your topic.

You can begin by putting your topic in the middle of a paper. Draw 3 to 5 lines and write ideas under each line. You can then draw some more lines from your main idea and include your thoughts under each idea. If you choose to work with an outline, start by writing your topic on top of a blank page. You can then write down your ideas as you leave space under each of them. List smaller ideas under these spaces and expand each point.

  1. Write a thesis statement

After choosing a topic and creating an outline, it is time to create a thesis statement. This is what will provide readers with an overview of a paper.  It will also control your paper’s subject matter on why it is essential to readers. If a thesis is weak, your assignment will be inadequate and without focus.

  1. Writing body

This is what will provide an argument or explanation of the topic. The ideas in the outline will now become a separate section in your paper’s body. Take the points in the introduction and discuss each of them in a body paragraph. Begin with a topic sentence that summarizes each point before explaining why you believe the topic sentence is true. Support your argument using quotes, facts, statistics, and examples.

Each of the body paragraphs should have a similar body structure. When writing the assignment, there are different ways to write a high-quality essay. Here are some tips:

  • Concentrate on writing first without worrying about the grammar, spelling, word count and such details
  • Remove irrelevant sentences, words, and phrases
  • Improve on clarity and expression
  • Check spelling and grammar
  • Include references
  • Confirm word count
  1. Write an introduction

After developing a thesis and body of your essay, it is time to create an introduction. This is what will set the tone of a paper. You will need to ensure that you have something that grasps the reader’s attention. To do that, provide shocking statistics, story, quotes, or just but a summary of the topic. No matter the angle that you pick, ensure that it ties down with your thesis statement, which should be included in the last sentence of the introduction.

  1. Write a conclusion

This is a key part that should provide closure on your topic and sum up your entire ideas while providing a final perspective on the topic. The conclusion should be made of 3 to 5 strong but concise sentences. Ensure that you have reviewed the key points and provided the necessary reinforcement to your paper. Reiterate the thesis and review the key points discussed in the body of the assignment. Avoid restating your previous words in the exact order they were.

You can use this part to provide your opinion on that topic. The final part should uphold the main ideas in a compelling and clear way. Some people find it easy to work backward from the conclusion.

  1. Organize and Edit your paper

Your paper is still incomplete even after writing a conclusion. You will need to organize and edit it. Pay attention to those small details. Check your paragraph’s order and ensure that your strongest points are in the first and last paragraph of the body while other points are in middle paragraphs. If you are describing processes such as cake making, ensure that your paragraphs follow one another in the right order.

If there are any instructions on the paper, take time to review them. For instance, writing scholarship essays will be different from writing papers for your instructor. You need to double check to ensure that the paper is in the right format.

Take time to review your paper for grammatical errors. There are several things you should look for when editing your assignment, such as:

  • Grammar, typos and spelling mistakes
  • Line spacing, formatting, headings, page breaks, footnotes, and footers
  • References

Reread it to find out if your paper makes sense. Ensure that your sentences flow smoothly. Add phrases that help to connect the ideas and thoughts.

Our final thoughts

Always remember to tackle each step at a time. It is advisable to begin by creating rough drafts of the essay. You do not have to try to get it perfectly the first time. Once you are done with your rough draft, keep refining it until you get pure gold out of it.

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