Argumentative Essay Patterns and Structure

Here is everything that you need to know about argumentative essay patterns and structure to ace your submission.


Every student comes across an argumentative essay at least once in their academic life. These essays are one of the most common types of academic writing assignments. One of the most important factors about an excellent argumentative essay is the structure. Moreover, it is crucial to get everything up to a point. Here is the description of what you need to know about this type of custom essay writing.

Argumentative Essay Patterns and Structure

The structure of the argumentative essay

It is essential for the author to understand the audience before writing the paper. This will help him/her to get a better grasp of the appealing language, structure, and pattern. There are a few aspects that the writer needs to cater to for an argumentative essay. Read further to be aware of all of them.

  • Introduction

This is the part that will catch the reader’s attention. It is vital that the writer gives some specifics to the introduction to provide the audience with an insight as well as a rough idea about the write-up. The writer must do a thorough research on the topic to ensure the correct details are mentioned. Make the introduction strong and eye-catching as it is the part where the writer can either lose the reader or capture readers’ minds.

  • Background information

The background section contains information regarding the topic of discussion. The readers must be informed about the theory and other data related to the topic. Moreover, there might be specific terms that the readers might not be aware of. The background section is where the writer has to explain the meaning of such words for a better understanding of the paper. Make sure you do not write a lot in this section. Provide the readers with a hint and short descriptions of the gist points of the argumentative essay.

  • Supporting paragraph

In your argumentative essay, there will be a lot of writer’s claims. In the supporting paragraphs, the author needs to provide proofs for the claims. Like the other paragraphs, this will also have a topic sentence, which is a statement of the argument that the writer wants to prove. Also, the author should give an explanation regarding what is mentioned as proof in the paragraph for better understanding. The ending of this paragraph must focus on the topic sentence and its claims. Without proper evidence to support your research, no one is going to believe your words. Therefore, choose the sources well and add convincing supporting ideas.

  • Conclusion

In this section, the author will have to sum up everything that was written in the article. Along with mentioning the points of an argument, the proofs shortly, one should add the final conclusion of the entire research. It should be up to a point and should also provide a way forward regarding the information mentioned in the write-up. After finalizing the work, make sure you do proper proofreading and grammar checks in order to increase the chances to receive high grades.

All in all, while writing an argumentative essay is pretty easy, and students will get multiple opportunities to show their skills in such custom essay writings, you can also seek professional help. There are numerous professional writers providing the services of papers for sale to help you ace your academics. You can also get a better and professional understanding of the topic and the tips on how to write a solid argumentative text. Also, use the pieces of advice below and make sure you structure your paper well to get the best results.

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