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Article Review

Article Review is a critical and systematic evaluation or analysis of the understanding of particular topic through classification, comparison and summary in order to determine the authenticity of the given report or result. Basically, it could be regarded as an overview article, it is the review of previously published works rather than reporting or stating new facts or results. In other words it involves critically assessing and summarizing someone else’s essay.

Most times students are given this assignment, they are expected to assess, evaluate, critique and summarize the works of some renowned authors who are specialists or scholars in a particular field of study and show evidence to their lecturers that they have not only read through but also have developed on the writings. Writing an article review is not just done by students who have been assigned to by their professors, these scholars or specialists also engage in the task regularly, they assess each other’s articles.

The general public is not the audience for this type of writings, rather they are written narrowly to the body of readers that are familiar with the field of knowledge and can thoroughly scrutinize the work in a professional way. It is not just about stating one’s own opinion about the essay, it also involves using your experience, ideas and knowledge to analyze and evaluate the work, moreover your conclusion about the piece is primarily based on scientific backings, your decision or judgment plus your experience so far in that field. The main points of the article are what would most likely be major on, critically go through them, read, re-read and digest every word carefully to avoid misquote or misinterpretation of the author. Article review has three (3) main bases, Assessment, Evaluation and Analysis.

Assessment– It could however called be judgment. In order to carry out a successful article review, one has to go through a slightly judgmental process. Assessment of someone else’s work Involves thoroughly measuring the author’s skills and knowledge. Furthermore, while trying to assess the author one has to be very careful of wrongful interpretation, students are expected to proficiently document all strengths and weaknesses in the piece. Assess its relevance, reliability and validity, though the conclusion from this varies across students because of dynamics in view but most importantly they should not deviate from the topic.

Evaluation -This is often regarded as assessment but yields different results if considered for use independently. It comes with a systematic approach of determining the significance and completeness of an information. There are general scientific research principles in the evaluation of scientific research. Students or reviewers would have to adequately follow every step and maximize the approach in reviewing of another’s article.

Analysis – In order to analyze a scholar’s text, students most have critically assessed the data set given and used, completeness, reliability and validity of information. Though methodology and procedures applied may differ which would lead to different conclusions but there should be compliance with the standards of ethics.

Writing an Article Review

Article Review essay is as complex as other paper writing which requires a systematic procedure in getting it done How to write a review on an article. This can be difficult than writing an article itself, it involves a student or the reviewer checking the strength and weaknesses of another scholar and bringing up their own conclusion about it. The process entails two basic stages.

  1. Preparatory stage and
  2. Writing stage

Preparatory stage: Also known as the reviewing stage. It comprises of the following;

  • Understand the essence of article review
  • State your plans on the work.
  • Get a glimpse of the article to be reviewed
  • Carefully read the article
  • Explain the article to yourself in your own words
  • Clearly outline your own views

The next stage is the ”Writing stage”

  • Firstly come up With either a declarative, interrogative or descriptive title for your review and should be properly stated above the main article to be reviewed
  • Cite the article and make proper review by referring to the title and the author of the article, title of the journal and its year of publication.
  • Write your introduction, which comprises of about 20% of the piece
  • Summarize the piece, adequately define and express the main points, findings and arguments in your own words.
  • Write your critique in several paragraphs using the outlined opinion of yours
  • State your conclusions
  • Proofread or reread

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