Busting the 4 Popular Essay Writing Myths

It is common for a student of literature to write an essay now and then. But not all students find it an easy task. Imagine the plight of a science major trying to pen a thesis for his/her research paper! Don’t be disheartened just yet. You can always resort to a professional to buy essay. Essay firms, like EssayYoda, cater to the needs of university and research students who wish to express themselves and their work, but can’t find the right words to do so through an essay.


However, if you harbor a flickering hope that you can pen an informative thesis all by yourself, but are held back by the numerous myths surrounding writing, then get ready for a few inspiring revelations. Here, we have busted the top 5 myths that most students still fall for. After going through these, you won’t feel the need to buy essay from a professional, since you will become one yourself. Watch out for the 4th point; it will astound you!

Only Wordsmiths can Write an Good Paper

Whoever started this myth wanted to frighten other students with mediocre writing skills. Admittedly, wordsmiths can write a grammatically correct paper with proper prose. However, a piece with beautiful prose but hardly any informative content will get rejected. Your professor wants to hear what you have to say about a particular subject. As long as your writing is passionate and you have expressed your views, the small grammatical errors won’t matter. You can always hire a ghostwriter or buy pieces from a wordsmith if you wish to impress your professor.

The Best Writers are Born with the Skills

This statement is as far from the truth as any myth could be. There are those who seem to have a way with words from a very young age, but that’s just because their parents have brought them up that way. Creative abilities are, to a small extent, genetic. But if one doesn’t work on those, then they are as good as nonexistent. The world has given us many examples of ingenious writers whose folks did not incline creativity. Prolific skills can be easily acquired with hard work and determination.

Essay Writing is the Worst Part of Academic Study

This myth is subjective. Some people find essay composition to be a tedious task since they never tried to glean any enjoyment out of it. Others hate it because they aren’t good at it. Let’s face it; if you don’t like a particular subject, you will undoubtedly find it to be the worst one out there. However, once you have an idea brewing in your head and start writing about it without caring about the grammar or the sentence structure, then you will inadvertently start liking the process. You can always hand over the draft to a professional and buy which is concise and grammatically pristine.

Big Words and Colorful Vocabulary is the Key

This is where most students fall flat on their faces. We have heard many instances of blokes who had dumped a boatload of bad words from the dictionary into their essays, eventually losing the essence and rhythm of the thesis in its entirety. Regardless of the simplicity of the essay, if you can convey the meaning, then you are on the right track. Just play to your strengths; the rest will take care of itself.

There are a ton more myths and rumors doing the rounds regarding essay creation, but a staggering number of students believes the ones presented above. Don’t let these absurd myths pull you down. Keep writing, keep struggling, and there will come a day when other students will line up to buy essay from you!

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