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Not everybody is a born writer. And yet, many schools and colleges require you to hand in creative writing assignments. This can take up a lot of time, time that you might not have.

Most students also work or have other subjects they need to attend to. Allow us to help you get in contact with professional writers who can create your creative writing assignment for you. They have the experience, imagination and knowledge to get you that good grade you need.

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How To Write A Creative Essay

Creative writing is not as easy as you might think. You have more freedom than with other college papers and essays. This can make it easier, but it can also mean that it is more complicated. Creative writing helps with your writing skills and creativity. However, not all students have the time that is needed for these type of papers. That is where our creative writing services can come in and help you with creative writing online. If you have no interest in becoming a writer, this exercise will not interest you and may even bring your overall grades down.

Creative Writing Step By Step: Step 1 Topic

A first step to creative writing is getting a topic. This can be given to you in the assignment or maybe you have to come up with it by yourself. Either way, it has to be something you are interested in, know something about, or can research. Just because it is creative writing does not mean it can be too illogical, factual wrong or impossible.

There might be some exceptions, but in general it is good to stick with topics you know about. This also means that you will have to spend less time researching your topic and can spend more of your time doing the actual writing, editing and proofreading of your tekst.

Creative Writing Step By Step: Step 2 Characters

Once you have the topics, you have to develop the characters. One major mistake students make is to create one dimensional characters. This means that they only think about the superficial part of the character.

If you want your professor to give you a good grade you have to have an interesting story and that is impossible without interesting characters. You’ll want to give them a personality, even if you do not explicitly describe them in your story. When they have a personality it makes their decisions much more interesting.

It also helps you write them easier because you can pretend that you know them and that will help make them easier to write. It will show through in your story when your characters do something because of their personality and when they have a real backstory. Even if you don’t explicitly say so, just the fact that they have a backstory will shine through.

Creative Writing Step By Step: Step 3 Plot

Now you have the main ingredients and to mix them together you’ll need a plot. A plot exists out of three phases.

One, is the introduction. This is where you set the scene, introduce the characters and set up the situation for the main event to happen.

Second, you have the main event. The conflict, the problem or the drama. Without this, the story will be boring and you will get a bad grade. Do not overcomplicate this part unless you are writing a novel. The conflict needs to be complex enough to be interesting, but simple enough to be able to be solved within the limits of this paper.

The third and last part of the plot is the resolution. This is where the characters solve the conflict. You have to make sure that it is a resolution that makes sense, yet is not too obvious. In that case the writing comes off as boring. You also should not make use of miracles or other lazy  solutions.

Creative Writing Step By Step: Step 4 Review and Editing

Now that you have written your creative essay you need to review everything for spelling and grammar mistakes and edit any awkward sentences. You also need to make sure that the format in which you present the paper is such as your professor asks from you. It often helps to leave the paper alone for a few days and review it after. You can also use a text to speech application to have your computer read the paper back to you. This will help you find paragraphs or sentences that do not work well.

Do You Need Help With Your Creative Writing Assignment?

As you can see there is a lot that goes into creative writing and it can take a lot of time to get it just right. And if creative writing is not within your interest that can take time away from other, more important, subjects in school, or maybe even your job or private life.

Our professional writing service can help you write your paper within the time you need it to be done. We will write a unique creative paper for you, that will pass any plagiarism test. We understand that students do not always have a lot of money, therefore our prices are reasonable and affordable. We can work with you on your deadline and within your budget. Leave the creative writing to the professionals and get good grades with minimal effort by using one of our amazing writers to write your paper for you.

How To Hire A Professional Writer Online

With the creative writing websites it is easier than ever to hire writers to help you with your creative writing assignment. You fill out the form and let us know your requirements. We will pair you up with a writer who has experience and knowledge in the area of your assignment. You have the end decision on who you want to hire.

Once you are satisfied with the paper that our writer creates especially for you, you pay and hand in the paper. It really is as easy as that.Our creative professional writers have experience in all genre of stories and know how to create an amazing story that is not just well written but also has in depth characters, a good story arc, and a great flow.

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