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Do You Want To Become An Essay Writer?

Life is too short to spend it sitting in a cubicle, staring at the wall and hoping time magically flies and it is time to go home. Do you want to spend more time with your children? Or maybe work while traveling to some exotic beach? Do you want to be location independent and work online? It sounds too good to be true, but it is within your reach.

How To Become An Online Essay Writer?

The hardest part of being paid to write is finding clients. There are many sites online where you can go hunt for your clients, but you will have to know sales and how to write a sales letter. Most of the time clients will reject you because they have so many writers to choose from.

Another option is to write emails to companies and see if they want to to hire you. This is not much different than normal job searching and also has a high rejection rate. Not to mention all the time you spend looking for clients and not actually doing what you want to be doing, which is writing.

If you apply to become a writer with us, the clients will come to you. You do not need to hunt them down. We will take care of everything from client acquisition to payment protection.

Get Paid For Your Work

One of the reasons most freelance writers burn out too soon is because clients either do not pay, do not pay enough, or do not pay on time. Working with us, you do not have to worry about that. We process all payments from our clients and once you deliver your work to the satisfaction of the client, we will release payment to you. You no longer need to worry that the clients won’t pay you, because we will have the funds before you begin working.

Put Your PhD To Use

Sometimes you are looking for part-time work but that is not available in your field. Or maybe in the area where you live you do not have many career options. You may have small children who require your attention during the day, but in the evenings you would like to make some extra money in your field of study. Become a contributor now and work as many or as little hours as you want, and use your studies to your advantage.

Online Essay Writers Wanted

So many students are overwhelmed and on the verge of a burn-out and they are looking online for help writing their essays. They don’t just trust anybody because it is their academic future on the line. When you affiliate yourself with a trusted service like ours, you automatically gain the trust of those students. Not all students need the same level of help. Some may need you to write entire papers and essays for them, and others might just need your help as a contributor to make their paper look good. Whatever the level of help is that they are looking for, you can help them.

Set Your Own Hours Working From Home

As long as you deliver your work within the deadlines agreed upon with the clients, it does not matter when you work or where you work. Maybe you work best from the coffee shop on the corner early in the morning, or maybe around midnight when everything is quiet you sit down in your office and write. It does not matter. You do not have a boss looking over your shoulder telling you to be at your desk at 8. You set your own schedule, your own hours and your own workflow. You can take as many coffee breaks as you want, and lunch for hours if you prefer.

You do not have to worry about unreasonable deadlines because you yourself agree upon them when you enter into a contract with a client. If you have a lot of free time, you can accept some stricter deadlines, but if you need more time, only accept those projects that you know you can deliver on.

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Do not hesitate anymore and put your degree to use writing online essays for college students. As soon as you fill out our application we will be in touch for the next steps. The sooner you apply the sooner you too can start making money online writing essays and college papers.

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