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Everyone needs to write an paper from time to time, but not students understand how to tackle the problem. Luckily, many sites are offering to teach them how to write an essay online, no matter their needs. You should first aknowledge that there are several types of essays. Each type of paper requires a specific style, but what is each method all about? Let’s have a short look at the most common types of essays!

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Narrative Essays

These are essays in which describe a personal experience. A fictional piece is written in the first person, and the writer should understand how to use engaging words that will make the reader want to know more. While this type of piece sounds easy to write, a student should be able to recall their experiences and put them on paper in a comprehensible manner. The article should end with a conclusion or a statement.

Expository Essays

In a descriptive task, the writer analyzes a particular topic while also providing information about it. Facts and data are included in such a theme, and personal feelings are avoided. This style has its variations which include guides and comparisons. To deliver a robust expository piece, the writer should have a good grasp of the subject.

Descriptive Essays

A descriptive essay, as the name suggests, focuses on describing an experience, object, event or memory. Although, for an excellent explanatory piece to be written, the writer must understand how to provide insight and a deeper meaning to the topic. The paper should move the reader and take them to the world described in the essay. Descriptive pieces make use of colorful words and rich expressions to make sense.

Persuasive Pieces

Unlike merely presenting facts, a compelling article attempts to convince the reader about the idea shown in it. The writer’s job is to give each side of the story, draw logical conclusions over which is right and argument with sound opinions and bright ideas. The way ideas are communicated plays an essential part in a persuasive article.

Academic writing styles

Along with these main four types of taks, there are also different styles of writing. For instance, evaluative writing judges or evaluates a subject, Here, the writer will make not only a statement but also argument their opinion with facts and ideas. Comparisons are also used as they provide some insight on how two different subjects relate to each other. When writing an article, make sure to keep the goal of the paper in mind. What is the idea you want to show with your article? A good suggestion is writing down your main ideas and develop on them before you conclude.

Other types and styles

Beside the main categories there are different types of papers: classification, definition, compare and contrast articles, sequence, and choice essays. These are variations of the main styles and often overlap. Regardless of the style and presented topic, a persuasive essay has a thesis theme, introduction, body, and conclusion. These are all essential parts of an article and should flow into each other in a seamless, coherent manner. The beginning part should engage your readers and catch their attention, the body presents your ideas and arguments your point, while the conclusion reviews the plans and makes a statement.


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