Features That Make An Excellent College Application Essay

The application essay you submit determines whether you are being accepted or rejected by the school of your choice. It may sound like a chore or a tremendous responsibility, but it gives you a unique opportunity to improve your life. However, writing an excellent essay will require a ton of dedication, efforts, and time.


While your high school grades and your test scores will add weight to your application, most colleges receive applications from many students with similar grades and scores. This number is too significant to admit. To pick out the best they require you to write an application essay.

It is, therefore, a big deal. Sometimes, you need to get some professionals to help you out. If you choose to look for college application essay help, make sure that you watch out for the following features. These features will help you tell whether the essay you receive is perfect and if it has a chance at getting you into that college of your dreams.

Write about an issue that is important to you

Whether you choose to write the essay yourself or find some professional writers to help you, make sure that the topic means something to you. After the writer is done with the writing, you have to go through it to find out whether it is perfect. To do this thoroughly, you must understand the topic and love it. If the topic does not mean anything to you, there is a high chance that you may not read the entire paper. You will skim through it and may not find those grammar mistakes and misleading statistics that have been used in the paper. Remember that there will be numerous applicants who will do their best to get into those colleges. You must beat them all so no mistakes can be tolerated.

Give yourself some time

The biggest weakness that young people have is the procrastination. It is easy to think that you can do the essay in a day or a couple of hours before it is due. However, it is not always the case. If you do any essay too fast, there is a greater chance that your research may not be thorough enough. There is also a chance that the essay will have numerous errors that you might have noticed if you had the chance. So take the time and do a few drafts. Check whether the ideas flow, if it is interesting to read and whether it reveals something about you as the applicant. It should also be written in the applicant’s voice.

Ensure that the statements do not contradict and that there are no repetitions. Remember that your essay is not the place to discuss your test scores and grades. Make sure that all aspects of your essay answer the question being asked and the thesis statement you have written in your introduction.

Get help from someone else when proofreading

You may not see all the mistakes. Therefore you must get a relative, a friend or your teacher to check out your essay and correct any mistakes that they may see. It will help get your essay a step towards being perfect. A professor will help you see the fluff that you may have added to your essay. That makes it lose meaning.


After you have submitted your essay, keep checking your email and phone messages and respond promptly when the admission staff members reach out to you. If you respond promptly, you will get to your interview on time and answer any follow-up questions they may have.

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