How to Write a 1000 Word Essay and Get A+?


Essay writing is an integral part of academia. But let’s face it: now all assignments are a smooth ride. When that time to write a 1000-word essay comes, it always feels like the most difficult task a learner will ever encounter. A thousand words often sound like too much to fathom, and one wonders how long it would take to complete such a perceivably long writing journey.

For a rookie, being able to mutter words enough to fill up white space often brings to the fore many other questions. Amount of space such many words would fill is often an issue of concern. Will it take two pages, three or four? While the internet may help with finding answers to these questions, students should find a trustworthy source of knowledge on which to rely going forward.

How to Write a 1000 Word Essay and Get A+?

In this post, we help you find solutions to the above pressing issues. Whether you are looking for a precise answer to the amount of time one needs to complete a 1000-word essay or an estimation of time you would spend doing it, keep reading to learn more. But before we proceed any further, consider the following too:

  • A thousand-word essay remains so even if you approach it with a definitive mood of ‘I don’t want to do this’ or ‘I think I can give it a try.’
  • Some days, despite thinking you can do it, sitting down to begin a write-up isn’t easy. One ends up staring at a black page with no ideas coming through the pen. That’s when you’ve got to look for a source of motivation. Would a coffee break help or a stroll in the park? Well, give it a try because chances are always high that it may be the magic wand you need unleash wildest spasms of creativity.

Tips to get you started: Writing a 1000-word essay and getting an A+

The internet is replete with topics for 1000 words essays, but that is only for those who believe in everything they come across. For a critical-minded student, a reputed essay site is always the place to be and learn from the best writers and experts. Now, with this at the back of your mind, take a look at all you need to know to write a perfect essay.

• Decide on a topic

 You may want to start by asking, “Must a topic always be unique?” Well, that depends on a teacher’s instructions. However, it is not every day that students get directed to topics on an essay site. Sometimes an opportunity to choose a subject or title is the best bet on a writing assignment.  However, a question about the best topic is often a challenging one. You may need to ask help from research paper writer services.

The truth is that, with so many information sources such as the internet and libraries, deciding on a topic that befits a 1000-word essay is the first and most critical step going forward. You may want to pick one from online topic prompts, use research paper writer services or engage a classmate for a heated debate on a good essay topic, and that’s okay. However, take caution not to fall into a trap where writing themes that appeal to your emotions win. Should that be the case, an essayist risks losing objectivity.

• You need a writing outline

Before putting pen to paper or fingers to keyboard, every student should, first of all, have an essay outline. It is the outlook or skeleton that will guide your craft from start to conclusion. In a good outline, there are main subtopics that will guide a writing process. Most importantly, it is all you need to steer clear of veering off the topic.

• A definitive essay structure makes all the difference

Structuring a 1000-word essay is the next step. It is always about having an introductory part of a paper, body and then a concluding paragraph. At the beginning, it is advisable that a student aims to arouse attention in would-be readers. It is because powerful introductions, experts opine, hook readers even to pieces they would have otherwise not read.

In the body of an essay, which is essentially the largest section, a writing outline becomes indispensable. It is time you write down facts, opinions and data together with supporting ideas. There is no other way to writing a comprehensive 1000-word essay if not by using clear-cut topic statements supported by very comprehensive details.

When it comes to crafting concluding paragraphs, there are many ways to go about it. You can choose to highlight salient facts in your write-up or present original points and ideas to sum it up. With the help of a top essay site where you can get sample 500-word essays, learning from the best literary materials will help you wind up a write-up powerfully.

• Get inspired but steer clear of plagiarism

Plagiarism, however tempting it seems, is a real threat to academic excellence. It is a literary crime. But save for penalties that come with it, writing a 1000-words essay with the help of research paper writer services shouldn’t be a big deal if you tread a path of originality. It is not only about being a responsible student who respects works of others but also someone who understands that with an inspiration to write, you can do more in less time.

Moreover, have you ever thought about how writing an original paper, sometimes not necessarily hiring an essay site, can make for a great masterpiece contribution to the literary world? Well, inspiration and originality are two to tango when it comes to writing, but a fact that unique essays create new avenues for exploring a topic further is novelty.

Important questions to ask

Thus far and before concluding on this post, it is imperative student get answers to frequently asked questions about writing long essays. Here is a quick run-through:

• How many pages do 1000 words fill?

With the help of a word counter online, it shouldn’t be a difficult question. However, take note that factors such as font size, spacing, margins and paragraphs’ lengths often play significance. Research writer services often sum all these up into writing styles such as MLA, APA, Harvard, Chicago and Turabian. It would, therefore, mean that depending on whether your university recommends 275, 300 or 250 words per page, length of a 1000 words essay often varies.

• How long does it take to finish writing 1000 words?

In essay composition, whether you are doing it alone or with the help of research paper writer services, time is crucial. However, like it is with number of pages, there are factors that play significance here. From typing ability, comprehension skills, research to planning, you can either spend an hour or more crafting a 1000-word essay. If you want to, for example, spend 30 minutes writing 150 words it means, one would write 300 words in an hour. Now add thirty minutes to every fixed amount of words (150) every half an hour, and it turns out that for a 1000-word paper it should take you 200 minutes.

• How many paragraphs should a 1000-word essay contain?

Proper paragraphing in a write-up is key to readability. It is advisable to avoid large text blocks. And while creativity and structure of an essay play significance here, a recommendable paragraph count for such amount of words is eight and not more. However, it shouldn’t be less than 5 paragraphs.

Final Words

In a nutshell, writing long essays like one with a word count of 1000 requires comprehensive planning and a carefully planned process. Choose as many topics as possible, narrow down to three then decide on the best one. There are lots of 1000-word essay topics online from which to choose. Also, take note that different types of essays, such as narrative, expository, persuasive and descriptive, require varying approaches.

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