How to Write a Critical Thinking Essay?

How to write a critical thinking essay like a pro? Learn requirements and smart tips for creating an amazing essay that will bring you the best grade with this ultimate guide.


A critical thinking essay is a common type of assignment that deals with deep analysis of some particular idea, event or phenomenon. Students need to show skills in analysis and writing to perform their perspective with supporting evidence. One should show the ability for giving an independent and relevant conclusion on a given subject. If you want to know how to write amazing critical thinking essay, follow this guide.

How to write a critical thinking essay?

What Is Critical Thinking Essay

First of all, there is no need for deep research on the topic or other scientists’ views; your work is based on your particular conclusions. It is great if your idea is shared by others; however, do not base your essay on the perspective of any other person. You need to come up with your own argument and be able to read between the lines of a given subject.

Start with reading/listening to your subject of analysis. Whether it is an idea or some piece of writing, give yourself some time to think about it clearly. Write down any ideas you have on this subject as they can serve as evidence for your critical thinking essay. The mechanism is simple – question any information you are given. What is the main idea? What is the hidden meaning? What weak points can you find?

A critical thinking essay is a thought-provoking paper that should start a hot debate on a particular subject. Do not be afraid to question and give your own perspective.

Working on Your Arguments

Create a line of arguments based on your notes. Choose the most powerful ones, you might limit them to three things, but if there are more, include them as well. Let’s look at how you should present your arguments.

  1. Put in some details. Although a critical thinking essay is a highly subjective perspective, it is not enough to only give your opinion. If you state that some argument was weak and rigid, you need to add details to back up this idea. Why was it weak? What are other aspects that were not taken into consideration? How can it become stronger? Any feeling or idea you have should be highlighted with the reasons why.
  2. You might use a quote or statistic data to start with your arguments. Do not include common knowledge facts because it is not relevant or necessary. However, if you find a great quote on the matter or connected to your argument, it will make your essay more powerful.
  3. Write down some question you have to the original source of analysis. These critical questions will help you to build an argument base. Any question that is not answered in the original is a new loop for critical analysis.

Writing an Critical Thinking Essay

As soon as you are ready with your line of arguments, it is time to do some writing.

  1. Start with an essay outline. It is a great organizational tip that will help you in sticking to your point. Put down some keywords that represent arguments you are going to disclose in each part. Use the common outline structure of a five-paragraph essay.
  2. Write the main body of your critical thinking essay. In the beginning, you state a thesis with your argument, and now it is time to support and dwell on them. Put each argument in a separate paragraph in a logical way, so it is easy to follow your flow of thoughts. Also, put in all the details and evidence that support your perspective. Be persuasive and focused on the main idea you are working on.
  3. Write the conclusion of your critical thinking essay. Here you need to conclude what has been stated before in referral to the main issue. Sum up what you have written before and suggest a further discussion if necessary.


A critical thinking essay takes a lot of skill, but it is also a great way of expressing one’s ideas. The most important thing is building up your arguments in a detailed and comprehensive way. Also, check your paper for mistakes and overall readability.

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