How to write a good article review?

This guide will provide you with amazing tips and secrets of writing a perfect review!


Students often struggle with writing a good review, as they don’t have a clear vision of approaching this task. The main misconception is the correlation between summary and critique of the given source. Some provide summary only; others concentrate exceptionally on critique. If you need more information on this matter, just read this guide for learning it all.

What is an Article Review?

It is a paper that analyzes given article and provides a critical perspective on arguments and points made by an author. It should include both summary and critique at the same time with the general ratio of 40 to 60 percent respectively. You need to dwell on an author’s thesis and their key arguments, providing the analysis at the same time.

A summary should be logically transitioned to a critical perspective. For example, “The author claims that the weaker gun laws are linked to less gun violence, using the recent data published in the Journal X, however, data used in this study deals only with several particular regions and time period of ten years.”

How to write a good research paper?

Kinds of Reviews According to Type of Article

Another point of consideration is a type of article you are preparing a review of. Usually, your professor suggests an article you need to review, however, sometimes, you are responsible for choosing a relevant source.

A good article review is based in its structure and essence on particular article type, for example:

  • First of all, let a reader know who is an author, what is their background and competence, where this article was published and when. State relevance of this topic and introduce it to a reader too. Analyze how an author dwells on their arguments, what are weak and strong points, is there any bias, etc.
  • Scientific/academic source. Your focus here is the analysis of specific data provided by an author, explanation of their theory. Conduct good background research on this subject; compare it to other sources on this matter.
  • Research source. Focus on used research methods of data analysis; analyze how they are presented, whether they are relevant or objective.
  • Journal sources. Here you might concentrate on your personal opinion regarding an author’s arguments and their weaknesses/strong points.

Tips for Writing Good Article Review

Now, let’s dive into the writing process itself and all stages of it. Where should you start?

  1. Define the source’s type. Whether it is given to you or you are choosing it on your own, the important part is understanding what kind of source you are working with. As it was mentioned before, it influences writing style.
  2. Read an article, write down your general first impression.
  3. Conduct good research on your topic. A good article review should be objective and deal with deep topic’s understanding. You shouldn’t be biased or base your opinion and critique without researching a particular subject. It is also good because you are addressing this information in your review.
  4. Research article’s author. Learn of their biography, scientific field of interest, and other studies done. It will help you in getting into the context of this article and its relevance.
  5. Write down term you don’t know and figure out their meaning. It is especially important for scientific and research article review. You are going to present this term to your reader and explain it. It is also necessary for having a clear understanding of your source.
  6. Read your article once again and highlight essential arguments and parts. Now you know what you are going to address in your review.
  7. Draft a structure for your article review. Prepare a summary.
  8. Provide your critical analysis. Were your expectations fulfilled? What are the author’s weak and strong points? How objective is this article? Are there any gaps in the given information? What further studies can be conducted to fill them in? You can also give a suggestion regarding the improvement of the analyzed arguments.
  9. Proofread your article review. A good paper is a proofread one, so take your time to go through your text at least two times. Firstly correct spelling and grammar mistakes, then check overall logical flow and readability of your text.

When working on a good article review, it is also important considering formatting rules. MLA and APA styles have differences not only in regard to bibliography but also with structure. Remember that there is no need for putting direct quotations in when working on the review. Your ability to paraphrase and analyze given information is also a part of your task. Follow these tips for writing a good article review that will get you an excellent grade!

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