How to Write About Yourself: Essay Structure, Samples, Writing Tips


Respect for individuality is one of the core values of the U.S. society. The individual approach encourages people to be more creative and generate fresh ideas. The unique approach is essential if you should write an admission essay or a resume.

Writing essays is the way how college students can express their opinions and thoughts. Admissions committees and employers judge about the intellectual level of students by their writing style. A high-quality paper about yourself plays a significant role in your self-expression. Let’s consider several tips helping capture the idea of writing a sophisticated personal descriptive essay.

How to Write About Yourself

Personal Essay Structure

Personal essays don’t have any prescribed structure. You can use a standard five-paragraph essay:

  • Introduction (1 paragraph)
  • Body (3 paragraphs)
  • Conclusion (1 paragraph)

Include a catchy introduction in the first part of the essay. You can describe a memorable moment in your life. Writing a story defining your personality or pinpointing the facts from your biography is another alternative. The introduction should catch readers’ attention and start a conversation. It depends on the scope of an essay. You may include any thoughts, ideas, dreams, life goals, vision, or life principles in the introductory part to demonstrate your individuality. You can make a thesis statement and then support it with arguments. For example, “I’ve always been a hard-working person” or “I achieve all goals I set in my life.”

The body part of each essay should describe the facts or details from your life story to confirm the statement from the introductory section. It’s appropriate to mention the challenges you faced or experience you’ve got as a result of any event that took place in your life. This will help switch to the explanation of the evolution of personal traits. You can apply the same skills that you’re using to complete a critical thinking paper.

This type of writing suggests making a firm conclusion. Traditionally, you should restate the principal thought of an essay in this section. The primary purpose of the conclusion is to make an essay memorable. You may mention vision, dreams, or goals in this part if your writing is autobiographical. If you realize you can’t complete personal essay individually, you have an option to apply for help essay and get a paper complete by professionals.

Writing Tips

Several tips for writing personal essays are:

  • Mention factual details – sometimes writing about yourself honestly is challenging, but you should try. It’s not enough to list the facts from your biography. You should evaluate and express your attitudes to listed events.
  • Remain objective – you may have achieved a lot in your life or have outstanding talent, but this doesn’t mean you have the right to exaggerate. List your achievements and remain modest to make a good impression on readers. Arrogance can’t help gain favors of admission committee or potential employers.
  • List your achievements – being excessively modest is another extreme behavior that doesn’t contribute to personal success. By focusing on talents, skills, and interests, you can disclose your individuality at full. You should do it to stand out of the crowd. If not, your essay will be lost under the piles of ordinary papers on the table of a committee member.
  • Be concise – don’t write broadly, stick to the point. Select one or two moments to discuss them in your essay further. The selection of life moments is vital because this helps better express yourself and demonstrate your best personal traits.
  • Include essential details – concise writing is critical, but you should include enough details to make a descriptive essay complete. Read and re-read your essay to understand if you should expand or cut the sentences. Link up your intuition to understand if an essay harmonious enough to be presented to readers.
  • Observe your style – when writing a personal essay, you should stick to a particular style. Introduce yourself wisely and include the necessary minimum of facts to disclose your personality.
  • Avoid the discussion of delicate issues – facts that seem to be personal, or any controversial/sensitive questions should be excluded from an essay. One of the examples is an issue of racial discrimination in the U.S., a case of sexual harassment at the workplace, and so on. Leave a discussion of these issues to your future argumentative essays.
  • Avoid stereotyping – try to express your own opinion and make the essay original. It’s recommended to include an individual experience, personal stories, and thoughts.
  • Discuss every challenge you faced in before – this will help readers evaluate your traits and make conclusions about your personality. Describe specific situations when your traits became apparent. You can demonstrate your knowledge, skills, experience, wisdom, kindness, empathy, intellect, or other traits you wish to show. Demonstrate efforts you made to reach goals as an admission committee, and employers respect persistence.
  • Ask your friends or family members to describe your personality if it’s difficult for you to remain objective when writing about yourself – sometimes it’s not easy to describe your personality. Ask friends or family to help if you’re not sure how to describe your personality.

If you think that writing isn’t your strength, you can ask professionals to help you. Don’t risk your reputation if your professionalism or future career is at stake. It’s better to apply for professional help than miss a chance to reach success.

Check Personal Essay Samples

You can find examples of personal essays on our website. Check several samples to capture different writing styles you can employ. You can combine two or three approaches to writing or follow one of the examples.

When looking through samples, note this list:

  • the way an author introduces himself/herself – describe yourself from a professional perspective, list challenges that you faced in the past and how you solved them.
  • the approaches used to address the target audience – adjust the style of writing to a specific audience. You should separate relevant details from non-relevant content. Avoid biased judgments, stereotypes, or clichés. The language of your essay should meet targets audience’s expectations. For example, informal style is inappropriate if you’re writing a personal essay targeting college admission. It’s better to use a formal writing style in this case.
  • the way how an author represents/advertises himself/herself – you should choose a correct way to portray yourself, critically evaluate strengths and weaknesses, and correctly represent your personality. Don’t emphasize your weaknesses. Advertising yourself without any criticism is a bad idea as well. Try to be as objective as you can without exaggerations.
  • how an author reaches an essay purpose – make motivations and purposes clear to the readers. It’s important to start communicating effectively from the very beginning.
  • the way a paper is finalized – end an essay with a stiff sentence to make readers think about your candidacy.

Learn from professionals when checking essay samples. Sometimes authors offer valuable ideas that can significantly improve the quality of your writing. This tip can be of particular importance for newbies. More experienced writers can derive helpful insights like patterns to express yourself from essays written by other authors as well. You can always learn something new from others and polish your writing talent.

You can structure a personal essay in different ways. Using a creative approach is a good idea. Also, you can describe situations showing beneficial traits of your personality. However, don’t forget to be critical enough and demonstrate that you’re human because there are no ideal people. You should take into account the preferences and expectations of your audience to succeed. This will help reach any goal. If you feel that sophisticated writing and you reside on different planets, we can help you make your dreams come true!

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