How to Write an Article Analysis Essay?

This detailed guide will help you to create an outstanding analytical essay. Follow each step to get the best grade for your paper.


An analytical essay deals with deep analysis and critique of certain phenomena or text, whether it is a literary review of a novel’s character of scientific article interpretation. It is quite different from a descriptive one as it considers not only some kind of summary of the original work but more critical interpretation and ability to make a conclusion. Students working on analytical essay need certain writing skills as well as critical thinking. How to succeed with your paper? This step-by-step guide provides you with all the information you need.

How to write an article analysis essay?

Preparation Stage

Any academic paper starts with the preparation phase, and it is completely normal. So where should one start? Well, the first step is:

  1. Read your guidelines carefully. Usually, your professor suggests the topic or perspective for an analytical essay. It might be a movie, book, novel or article analysis. For instance, there can be such topics as “The Concept of Alienation in The Catcher in the Rye” or “Deconstruction of Gender Binary Oppositions in Doll’s House.” However, there are cases when students are asked to find their own perspective or issue devoted to the interpretation of a particular source. That’s why it is important to read the entire task’s guidelines carefully to decide what the core of your analytical essay is.
  2. If there is no particular topic, find your own one. For cases when you only have a source and no given topic, you’ll have to find one on your own, which is challenging but also more exciting. Read the analyzed source and write down questions that you have during this process. What are the main issues? What concepts or characters can be critically interpreted? If it is a scientific article – what are weak and strong author’s points? What methodology do they use? You can also conduct a small Google search on related issues that have been already explored to see what perspective is yet to come. When working on a historical analytical issue, interpret the forces and reasons behind particular events. If you are working with a huge literary piece, like a novel, you may focus on one character or even one chapter that represents your point of view. After all, an analytical essay is limited in volume, so there is no need to provide analysis for the whole War and Peace.
  3. Conduct research on a topic. Besides your own conclusions, there should be references to critical responses of other scientists; some of them might support your point. So it is necessary to conduct research on the topic. Think of it as additional evidence of your perspective. The successful analytical essay deals not only with your own criticism but also with the provided proof of other researches.
  4. Create a draft outline of your essay. As soon as you’ve collected all data it is time for writing a structure for your future work. The basic one is similar to the five-paragraph outline of any essay, with the introduction, three argumentative paragraphs of the main body and the conclusion. You may also draft some ideas you are going to dwell on in each part.


Writing an Analytical Essay

The second stage is actually working on your text, which starts with:

  1. This is the beginning of your paper; it should provide a reader with overall information on a particular subject, the approach you take and supporting arguments that are going to be disclosed further. The common mistake many students make is providing a complete summary of the original source or too much background information. Try to concentrate on the particular issue you are dealing with and do not overdo the introduction with irrelevant facts. Create a powerful thesis statement that goes for the transition to the main body. It should be clear; focus on the issue and supporting arguments.
  2. The main part. For an analytical essay, it is enough to provide three strong arguments that illustrate your point of view. Each one of them is dealt with separately in a respecting paragraph. Do not mix them in one and do not jump over thoughts, the text flow should be logical. Start each paragraph with the main sentence that has a key idea in it. The basic structure of a paragraph of an analytical essay is simple: key sentence, text analysis and illustration from the original source.
  3. Be careful with citations. Overdoing quotations is a bad thing as it shows that you cannot come to your conclusions, it is not a descriptive essay, so be careful with it. The common rule is to put direct quotations of the original source only, which is your primary source. When referring to related critical studies, paraphrase them and logically include in a text flow. Also, make sure you use quotations according to a citation style you need to follow, whether it is MLA or APA.
  4. It is not just a paraphrased introduction; however, they need to be directly linked to each other. Sum up arguments provided below and write your own conclusion on this behalf. You may also suggest further discussion or research on this issue.


Finalizing Analytical Essay

When you’ve finished writing, take some time to rest. Go for a walk, watch an episode of a favorite show or take a nap. You need a clear head before you start on the final part of work:

  1. Check grammar and spelling. When students are writing, they do not always concentrate on spelling and grammar, which is understandable. However, such small mistakes can influence a final grade, so it is better to eliminate any flaws. Read your paper carefully for any mistakes or use software that does it for you, like Grammarly, for instance.
  2. Check overall logic and text flow. Now it is time for checking the readability of your analytical essay. You may ask someone to read it and provide their opinion or read it out loud – it helps to be more objective on a matter. Did you stick to the point? Are your arguments clear? Is the introduction informative? Are quotations on their places? Is your paper easy to follow? Is your conclusion strong enough? Your analytical essay needs to be sufficient.
  3. Check terms, names, definitions. Another important thing is that all terms, definitions, and names should be given correctly. Such flaws can be viewed as major mistakes, be sure you use them appropriately and there are no spelling mistakes.


Writing an analytical essay might seem tough; however, if you follow these steps, you are going to succeed. For additional confidence, use online plagiarism checker to be sure that your paper is completely authentic.

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