How to Write an Autobiography?

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Sometimes students are asked to write an autobiography essay, and this assignment might seem a bit tricky. They are not always told how to do thisefficiently. It can also be a part of the application of a college of their dreams. So what is an autobiography essay?

It is an essay that deals with events that were experienced by you. There is no need in writing a complete autobiography book, choose one particular event and describe it together with the conclusion of why it was so significant and what have you learned from it. This challenge starts with choosing your topic and specific event to write about.

How to write an autobiography?

There are three types of autobiography writing:

  • Autobiography – it is the first-person narration of their life experience.
  • Biography – when the life of someone narrated by another person.
  • Memoir – also first-person narration, but it is more concerned with early years or deals only with several particular events or memories.

In an autobiography essay, students need to dwell on what they have experienced and what they have learned from it. The secret is honesty and being critical regarding this event. Do not try to look better than you actually are.

How to Write an Autobiography Essay

As any other writing assignment, it takes some time for planning. So where should one start?

  1. Considering the audience. After all, you write for someone to read it and the audience influences the style and the selection of topic. If it is an assignment for class, try to think of what you’ve been told by your professor. What do they expect? What can be the actual purpose of an autobiography essay in this course of study? There are probably many things you are willing to write about, so concentrate on what you are expected to do. If you are working on autobiography essay for college application, read through the committee guidelines carefully, think of what are the criteria for choosing a candidate. Try to connect personal experience to why you are a suitable person to enter this college.
  2. Select the event. Now it is time for remembering all significant events of your life that can become a great subject of an autobiography. Write down several things you can come up with and choose the one that is representative of your personality. It doesn’t have to be a significant thing in other people’s lives; sometimes even a small event can change one’s perspective. It is important that this event made you think of something and somehow changed the way you see the world or people. Another factor of selection is that it can be described in a limited amount of sentences as an autobiography essay is not a book, it shouldn’t be too long.
  3. Draft a structure for your autobiography essay. Use the standard outline of the five-paragraph essay, put in the introduction, the main part, and the conclusion. Also, put in some keywords or phrases of what you are going to write about in each part. This is your plan and map for future writing, so the text is logical. There is no need to be too creative with an outline as the creative part goes with the writing.
  4. Write your autobiography essay. When the planning and drafting are over, the time has come for the writing. As this step try just to go with the flow and not to worry about any mistakes, there will be proofreading for that. Remember to put in the setting of an event and describe the context so that it can be vivid for a reader. You can also use some narrative techniques that are suitable, for instance, start with the ending of a story and then proceed to the beginning. Also mention what makes this event significant for you, what have you learned from it. How is it representative of your personality? Maybe there are some conclusions that are relevant to other people too? Do not be afraid of going to introspective, it is an autobiography essay after all.
  5. Proofread your writing. There are generally two stages of proofreading – checking grammar and spelling mistakes, checking overall text flow logic. Although grammar mistakes do not influence the power of your story, they do influence your grade, so it is better to clearly correct them all. You may ask someone else to proofread it for additional perspective or use some checking software, it is up to you. After this, read your autobiography essay one more time, out loud or not, depends on what way is comfortable to you. Is your picture is easy to imagine? Is your narration readable and comprehensive? Is your conclusion clear and connected to the introduction?


Several Other Tips of Autobiography Essay

Here are some other tips that will help you to write an autobiography essay with a powerful message:

  • Stay realistic and honest about things you are describing. After all, it is not a fiction; it is an autobiography essay, so there is no place for exaggeration.
  • Do not be afraid to incorporate your own style and personality in the text. There is no need to be objective, you are telling about your life and experience, so show it to a reader. It will not only make your essay more vivid but also compelling and interesting. Objective narration can make any event seem boring.
  • Make sure that events and motivation of people described are clear. Everything should be connected so that a reader can understand it, if there are other people in our story, introduce them, tell a little bit about them, so a reader does not have to guess. Include small details that make a picture living, like what was the weather like or what were you wearing. A reader should have the ability to create an image in their minds to live this memory through with you.
  • Do not try to look smarter/better than you are with complicated terms and profound conclusions. This is your autobiography, be yourself, it is the most impressing thing you can do!

It is not easy to write an autobiography essay as you have a huge level of freedom choosing the subject. At the same time, it is a perfect way to present your life experience and share it with others.

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