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Are you considering getting some academic assistance? If you find yourself in such circumstances, it is only natural to wonder if Paperell is the solution to your problems. To discover the answer to this and more, read the following review.

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These days, there is a whole host of online writing services to select from. However, Paperell is somewhat of a new kid on the block. Although we had heard several people mention this online company, none of them had actually checked out the services. Therefore, we decided that it was the perfect opportunity to give the writing organization a test run in this Paperell review. Here are our findings:


When we first considered ordering a Paperell essay, we figured that was the extent of their services. However, we were pleasantly surprised to discover that we were wrong. There are several types of features and options available on this site.

Paperell review

Here is a rundown of some of them:

  • Article Writing
  • Term Papers
  • Assignments
  • Dissertation
  • Thesis
  • Lab Reports
  • Case Study
  • Coursework

In essence, you can get any kind of academic aid that you desire. To top it off, we also found that you can ask for almost any topic or subject matter that you prefer.


The unfortunate thing about this online writing company is that there doesn’t appear to be any set pricing plan. This means that you don’t really have any idea of what you may be expected to pay for a given piece of work. The Paperell prices are largely up to the writers.

When we went to place the order, we were asked to provide certain details about the assignments that we wanted to be completed. After this, we had the opportunity to wait for writers to respond to us. They provided us with various price options and we chose which one we liked best.

Customer Support

Another element that we were rather impressed with was the customer service. Unlike many of their other competitors, this writing organization has several options for contacting their management. We got an instant reply from the Live Chat and it was incredibly useful in answering our questions.

If your issue is more serious like a refund, for instance, then you can call the number provided. This is quite useful if you would prefer to speak to someone directly or if you want to know is Paperell legit or not. Therefore, this can be quite comforting for many users.


Our next order of business was to identify just how good the work provided to us was. To get an accurate picture of how all of this worked, we placed orders with several different writers. This was quite apparent when we went through the essays that we got back. So, in short, you do have to gamble a little when ordering any form of writing from this website.

There was an upside to this, however. While the work was a little erratic, we were relieved to discover that the Paperell plagiarism standards had been maintained. That is to say, we were able to determine that each of the papers were completely, 100 percent original.

Guarantees and Safety

More than anything else, we wanted to check “is Paperell reliable or not?” This was something that we were able to answer when we looked at the conditions regarding the refunds. Now, most writing agencies do offer some kind of money back guarantee.

However, this particular web-based writing organization managed to set itself apart even here. This is because the company offers refunds for work that doesn’t comply with your specific instructions. So, if you have discovered that the writer has ignored your specifications, you may be able to get your money back.


What we appreciated most about this interface was the simplicity. The business appreciates that a basic layout is best and thanks to this, we were able to navigate through the website fairly easily. The user-friendly design and features ensure that your order can be placed in no time at all.


We had to admit that the writers on this site did appear to be more legitimate than those on similar pages. This was backed up by several Paperell reviews from other users. Due to this, we had a bit more confidence in the people that we were going to hire.

Not to mention, we were also able to look through the profiles and pick out the candidates that we felt had the best qualifications. We were further helped by the fact that we could see their rankings and reviews as well. Despite this, we still did have to guess how well they would complete our work for us.


These are the top advantages of hiring this particular writing firm:

  • Large number of services to select from
  • Plenty of topics covered
  • Work handed in a timely fashion
  • User-friendly
  • Plagiarism-free


These are the top downsides:

  • Don’t know the price upfront
  • Can’t be certain of quality of work


Our collective conclusion regarding this online writing firm is that it does pass muster. While it may not be the best option out there, it still has a lot to offer all kinds of students. It can be particularly useful for students who struggle with the English language, particularly where grammar and spelling are concerned.

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