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Research Proposal

In the academic field writing a research proposal cannot be eliminated in other words its inevitable. Before writing a research paper, thesis, essay coursework or dissertations, there is an utmost need to write a proposal. It is a document concisely stating the intents of a study, it can however he defined as a sub-component of the actual paper, defining it as a sub component does not mean it is not relevant nor is it a mere part of the thesis, it is the most vital part of a project and should be handled with a good sense of attention and knowledge.

A research proposal could be submitted in response to a given specification or without prior request (solicited or unsolicited respectively). The go-ahead given to further work of the essay is dependent on the level of conviction of the proposal and its intended impact and promising plan of the entire thesis.

It includes the research question to be answered, how it would be addressed, the financial cost and time required, prior paper work done on the topic, evaluation of the research and the knowledge the study intends to add to the existing body of knowledge.

Generally, a research proposal essay follows almost same format as the actual paper or thesis. There are basically five chapters of which each chapter encompasses a lot of sub headings. Chapter one to five includes introduction, literature review, methodology, evaluation/presentation of findings and conclusion respectively. This format varies across the various fields of study, however there are three main components of a research proposal, the introductory chapter (this chapter tells the background to the study, the research questions to be answered  and objectives the to be achieved, statement of the problem, justification of the study and limitations), literature review which is most regarded as the most encompassing,  here review of past  projects and writings relating to the study and even beyond its scope from at most 10years till date and lastly methodology (stating the proposed method used in the study with reference to study area).

Nevertheless, the abstract (brief description of the proposal) and the references should not be ignored as they are also crucial requirements in writing a research proposal.

Essence of Writing a Research Proposal

For every research, there is a problem intended to be solved! Writing a research proposal comes with a convincing notion, it involves the researcher intending to convince other as that they have a project worthwhile and are competent enough to complete the task. Some proposals have about 30pages which gives more informative plans while some have lesser number of pages (about 7 -9pages) and gives same information but not as elaborate as the former, these ones are very brief.

Writing a research paper proposal is very advantageous and significant;

  • It helps to stay focus on the topic and understand its scope.
  • It shows the objectives and questions the research intends to answer.
  • Specify the existing problem that brought about the topic under study (also background to study)
  • Understanding the most likely challenges to be faced and how to tackle them.
  • Reviewing of previous works and defining the methodology to be used.
  • Describes the expected results and its essence
  • Addition of content and findings to existing body of academic knowledge.

It is therefore vital to take such assignments seriously in the most convincing manner, whether qualitative or quantitative researches, explore, explain, and describe every necessary aspect. All these can be done with the support of our Research Proposal Writing Help team.

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