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Edusson reviewWe’ve all been there. It’s the middle of the night, there’s an important paper due in just a few hours, and we haven’t written a thing. The pressure is real. Next time this happens, don’t worry! Now you can have access to an essay writing, re-writing and editing service called Edusson, with papers starting at $7.5 per page! What more could you ask for? Choose your writer before you pay! 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Edusson = scam? It’s time to prove them wrong!

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General impressions of Edusson

This site’s homepage allows returning users to log-in easily, and new users to select the type of essay that they need help with, with ease. Just enter your email, select what you’re looking for and click on “continue.”

edusson review

Figure 1: Edusson’s Homepage

From there, Edusson writing service will guide you through a quick and easy process of inputting all the needed information about your paper, including the topic, subject, instructions, citation standards, and level of work into a short, simple form. You can also upload files relevant that you consider are relevant to the project.
Then you will be taken to a new page with a number of different specialists who are capable of completing your project, for you to pick one based on ratings and reviews, etc. Before you even pay a cent, you can speak to a number of them, ask them questions, and finally, you’ll have to select one.


Figure 2: As soon as you complete the order form, a list of available writers is shown. As well, a chat box appears where the writers will begin bidding on your assignment. Simply click to read their messages.

What is Edusson?

Edusson is a website that offers essay writing services for educational and business purposes. This company professes to be one of the top writing services available with thousands of experts available to assist in whatever type of assignment or paper you require. At first glance, their website is clean, modern, and easy to navigate. Furthermore, the order process appears to be straightforward – they state that papers can be ordered in under 3 minutes. The following are some other features of their business:

– Accredited service
– 24/7 availability for writers
– 100% private process
– Guarantee for original plagiarism-free work
– Quick and straightforward process

This all certainly looks fantastic – but is this business trustworthy and do they actually provide a favourable experience for you the customers? This is why we have taken the time to create a detailed Edusson review. In the sections below, we provide a wealth of information about this company and exactly what it has to offer for the average student.

Guarantees and Safety

As part of our Edusson review, we looked at the security of the website, and the guarantees they offer to the customers. This is important and is seen in Edubirdie reviews too. Security is vital so that customer’s personal details remain secure. Moreover, security is vital so that bank details remain private, and that the whole process is confidential. Any guarantees a business can offer also helps reinforce confidence in their service.

Edusson offers the following guarantees:

– 100% private service
– Plagiarism-free work
– Money Back Guarantee

Having a private service is hugely important. Edusson offers this and ensures that the whole process is confidential. Your personal details are not shared with anyone, and no one should ever find out that you are using their platform.

Furthermore, they ensure that any written material is plagiarism-free. We did a little digging and found that this applies to a maximum of 90% originality. From the reviews we can see, plagiarism does not seem like an issues anyway – satisfied customers have always stated that the documents are 100% unique.

Finally, they do offer a money-back guarantee too. Any dissatisfaction with the work must be raised in 3 business days from receipt of the order. Your complaint is then submitted to the QA department who evaluate the complaint, together with the quality of the paper, to determine if a refund is warranted.


Staring at $7.5 per page, Edusson offers some of the lowest prices in the market, and reviews prove that! Prices vary based on deadlines and writer’s bids. When ordering a 2-page paper with 1 source in 10 days, writer’s bids range between $30-36, while the price of a 1-page paper with 1 source and a late deadline ranged from $18-$24. There isn’t a static list of prices; to determine how much you will be charged, you have to fill out an order form.

Payment Options

As a student, you may not have a vast array of payment options at your disposal – you may have a debit card or a simple bank card, for example. It is, therefore, important to look at the available payment options when choosing a service like this. We looked at the payment options available and found the following methods:

– Visa
– MasterCard
– American Express
– Discover

We were a little disappointed with the minimal payment options available. Some other services do offer a greater variety of transaction types. Looking at the grand scheme of this type of service, the minimal payment options shouldn’t pose a problem for students. In most instances, students will only have a basic bank card, such as a Visa Debit card, so there should never be an issue regarding payments.

Aside from the transaction types, the actual process appears smooth and without issue. Payments can be made quickly and with excellent security. The whole process is simple and easy for students to follow. You do have to make a deposit to guarantee your order, but this is standard practice throughout the industry.

Edusson Reviews

We have looked at the different Edusson reviews available to gain a clear idea of what other people and institutes think of this service. To create a reliable review, you must consider other reports too – this ensures that there is no bias in the process.

Generally, Edusson appears to have favourable reviews and has a great reputation. Other essay review websites comment on the smooth process to obtain an essay. They mention the bidding system and how it leads to competitive prices and a host of useful submissions from would-be writers. Furthermore, they also seem to mention the quality of the writers and the fact that they only accept freelancers who have a Bachelor’s degree. In addition to this, many reviews comment on the adherence to deadlines and the fact that Edusson can offer a quick turnaround on student’s papers.

There are, of course, some reviews that aren’t all positive – some of the minor negative points related to the availability of writers. It should be noted that this was actually due to the extreme specificity and niche nature of the article title, however. If you require an essay writing about an uncommon, specialist subject, you will undoubtedly receive fewer bids – this would be common for any similar platform and is not an issue unique to Edusson. We found this, for example, in a Papersowl review too which is a similar service.

Customer Support

Beyond competitive pricing and easy navigation, Edusson also provides its users with an outstanding support staff. As soon as you log in, a “live chat” box is accessible in the lower left-hand corner. Whenever you have questions or problems, click the box and begin typing. Within seconds, you’ll have a response from one of Edusson’s representatives who will answer all of your questions and direct you where you need to go. Every Edusson review out there speaks positively of the people working at customer support.

Writer Qualifications

All writers’ qualifications can be found on their profile page. There are a number of different aspects that are shown including the following:

  • Reviews from past customers.
  • Total number of completed, in progress, and unfinished papers.
  • A success rate based on the above parameters.
  • The number of clients that recommend the writer.

Sometimes, however, a highly qualified writer may not meet the qualifications you desire or need, and you may not see Edusson reviews of them at all, because of the amount of time that they’ve spent working for the company. Luckily, you can always talk to them before making your final decision.

How much does Edusson Pay?

It is not widely known how much Edusson pay their writers – the information is not readily available. Writers generally only find out how much they get paid to write students documents when they are agreeing the contract and sorting the terms and conditions.

Regarding the prices that students pay, we would rate Edusson as average. If you want to buy an essay for cheap, you can certainly achieve this using this service, but the conditions and paper would have to be right. Compared to other similar platforms, the paper prices aren’t overly expensive, but they certainly aren’t the cheapest either.

Prices are affected by several factors. Firstly, the commonality and subject of your paper – difficult papers with uncommon subjects may be more expensive as less writers will compete for them. Also if you need essay help urgently, you may have to pay more. Finally, the quality of writer you choose will ultimately affect your price too – there are different tiers of writers available, all of which charge different rates.

How to Pass Edusson Essay Test?

To apply as a writer for Edusson you must pass a series of tests. One such tests includes a multiple choice question test with approximately 30 questions. Furthermore, you must also provide details of your background as a writer, together with qualifications. It also required that example papers are submitted so that the team can review your writing skill. From what we can see, the test process is thorough and thus contributes to the high quality of writers.

The best way to pass this application is to be honest and to utilize your skills as a writer. If you have genuine literacy skills and have produced documents like this before, you should have no problems passing the application. If you try and deceive the system, or blag your way through the applications process, you will ultimately be found out.

Is Edusson Legit?

This is a common question – is reliable and a legitimate business. Yes it is. This company offers a legitimate essay writing service using actual writers. Whilst we will never truly know the faces and people behind the Edusson safe site, we can see the thousands of satisfied customers. Moreover, we can see the favourable reviews. If you want to use a legitimate paper writing service, Edusson is a great choice and certainly reputable.


Is Edusson legit? Of course, it is! It is the perfect service for you if you need to complete a high quality and unique paper. With a high number of professionals, competitive prices, and an easily navigable interface, there is really no reason to go anywhere else! Don’t think this twice!

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