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Throughout the history of writing industry, there have been many website that came and go. Indeed, a lot of websites has closed due to incompetence, ability to meet customer expectations or simply they did not care about the business to begin with. Eduzaurus is a relatively new company, but they are different in their organization and it got us thinking, what’s so special about them and oddly enough, we have answers. Check out our review of Eduzaurus, where we answer common questions, as well as outline core benefits.

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[lwptoc] General Impressions

Upon visiting the Eduzaurus website, you are immediately greeted to a minimalistic design that represents the simplicity of their service usage. Indeed, the site is easy to use and all vital services can be located in one place. On the title page, you will see everything, including customer reviews, prices, services, you name it. The dev team made a good job as the responsiveness of the website is fast and we never got pages loading more than 2 seconds.

eduzaurus review

Customer service

On our initial test, we ordered two pages and an outline. Later we changed the instructions every hour and to our surprise, the support team was tilt-proof and everything was changed with accordance to our requests. We then decided to communicate with the team verbally and the clarity of the connection was great. The team managed to answer all of our questions and even provided additional info we never knew we needed to know in the first place. Also, the team provides the following list of services for free.

  • Communication with the writer
  • Assistance with placing orders
  • Recommendation on who to choose
  • Deadline extension

Writing staff

The writing staff of is ranked by stars that are based on customer feedback. The system is functional and has proved to be accurate over the past years, no complaints there.  Prior placing an order, you can choose the desired quality and who will write your paper. Once we made an order, the writer contacted us and asked a few questions regarding the assignment. He/She also answered all of our questions, which in turn, resulted in a high quality, plagiarism-free paper.

Eduzaurus Payment Options

The best writing service site offers a vast amount of payment options. You can make transaction using a traditional credit card, or use electronic means of payment, such as PayPal. The process did not take long and we can verify that every transaction is secured and your personal information will not slip whatsoever. If by any chance you changed your mind, the support team will assess the problem swiftly.

The Verdict

We can’t stress enough on how well the site works, as well as we can’t even measure the level of quality the staff delivers. They are experts in their field and it’s even harder to believe the fact that they are still so young. It goes without saying, the site is legit, reliable and will exceed your expectations.

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