SAT Essay Tips Every Student Should Know

Understanding SAT essay tips is a potent way to improve your grades. Learn how to write better by following the important rules.


The SAT system trains you to finish your college assignments in good quality. This standardized system involves several tasks, but the most important one of them is the SAT essay. The main difference between an SAT essay and other writing assignments lies in its time limit. You’re supposed to finish your SAT essay in exactly 50 minutes to make sure that you’ve completed your assignment in impressive quality. Following the right SAT essay tips will help you manage your time better and improve your grades.

SAT Essay Tips Every Student Should Know

Following the Right SAT Essay Tips

Do you hear that lots of students dread finishing their SAT essay assignments? This is easy to understand since one mistake will have a huge impact on a student’s academic and professional future. That is why you must be careful while working on your SAT essay assignment to make sure that you’re not wasting time or effort. Here are some tips that can help you improve your SAT essay writing.

  1. Practice Time Management:

Managing your time properly will have a great impact on the success of your essay. A typical SAT essay should be around 600 to 800 words. This number of words should be completed in 50 minutes or less. You should divide your time between reading your essay prompt, understanding its topic and coming up with an original idea to write about. You should also leave time in the end for revisions and edits. This way, you can guarantee that your essay is perfect.

  1. Read Your Essay Prompt:

Take your time to understand the author’s viewpoint and essay’s main topic or subject. Most essay writing prompts come from professional books and works intended for a wider audience so you must get yourself familiar with professional writing.

Every essay prompt includes the author’s most critical claims or highlighted point, and you should consider those when working on your assignment. This will help you stay focused on the main topic of your SAT essay.

  1. Pay Attention to Essay Structure:

A typical SAT essay is composed of five paragraphs, like other academic writing assignments that you’ve worked on before. It starts with an introduction, followed by a thesis statement, an analytical paragraph, an explanation paragraph, and a conclusion at the end.

An introduction section is where students present an essay’s topic. Start with a sentence that the author wrote. Don’t state your opinion in the thesis statement. Explain which persuasive techniques are used in your SAT essay.

When you’re working on the analytical paragraph, don’t try to repeat the author’s words or paraphrase them. Explain why you agree or disagree with the author and focus on examples that explain your viewpoint. In your explanation paragraph use comparisons, metaphors, and other techniques to explain why you reached a certain opinion.

As you write your conclusion section, make sure not to introduce any new ideas. Restate the thesis one more time and include a call to action or assumption that ends your essay strongly.

Explaining SAT Scores

Understanding how scores are calculated helps you stay focused while working on your SAT essay assignment. A total score is between 400 and 1600. This score is divided among the Reading and Writing and Math Sections. Every school or college in the USA has specific requirements, but generally speaking, getting high scores will improve your chances.

How Can You Improve Your SAT Essay? Advice from Professionals

Here are 15 important pieces of advice that you can use while working on your SAT essay.

  1. Read the prompt properly. This will help you understand the subject you’re writing about.
  2. Make sure to practice persuasion techniques that can be used to convince readers.
  3. Focus on the important details. Take a look at the prompt and highlight the most important details.
  4. Follow the right format. It’s important to have an outline or plan before you start writing.
  5. Avoid stating your opinion, but rather explain the author’s argument.
  6. Use direct quotes only if necessary. This is an analytical essay and not a summary, so you shouldn’t paraphrase the author’s words.
  7. Explain how the author uses several examples to state their viewpoint.
  8. Maintain a professional academic language. Make sure that you’re using clear words and avoid repeating the same vocabulary.
  9. Analyze how and where the author provided pieces of evidence.
  10. Check out academic editorials to understand how you can professionally tackle various academic topics.
  11. Spend time to check your essay for grammar, punctuation, and spelling mistakes. Ignoring this step, or not having enough time to do it at the end, will have a negative effect on your score.
  12. Don’t repeat the same statements. This will bore readers and show them that you don’t have enough information to share. If you need to restate the same statement, try to analyze it deeply.
  13. Use literary devices like metaphors and comparisons that add emotions and value to your writing.
  14. Make sure that your writing style is relevant to the author’s writing style.
  15. In the conclusion paragraph, don’t forget to include a strong call to action or assumption that sums up the efforts exerted in explaining every piece of evidence.

These tips are recommended by professional tutors and experts. Following them will help you submit an excellent essay so you can guarantee that your score will qualify you to do whatever you want to do next with your life.


  1. What is the average SAT score?

The average score is around 1050. This is a good score as it’s closer to 1600 than 400. However, every school or college might have a certain requirement concerning the grades. The score doesn’t provide enough details about how proficient you are in a certain academic area. It’s an overall evaluation.

  1. How can I Write a new SAT essay?

You can simply pay for a new test if you want to take it. There might be some additional fees involved if you choose to change to another location, for example. You can use fee waivers if you’re eligible.

  1. How can I understand the SAT essay instructions?

Make sure that you train by checking SAT essay prompts and examples. See how other students make sure that they don’t miss any grades by practicing often. When you’re writing the SAT essay, take time to read the prompt so you have something interesting you can write about.

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