Why is Plagiarism illegal?

Authenticity and uniqueness are the most crucial aspects of academic writing which can save students from plagiarism. By learning the best ways to write perfect essays or thesis, you can easily understand why is plagiarism illegal and how to increase the worth of your writing as well.


When it comes to writing assignments, thesis and essays for college and university students, plagiarism is the most vital aspect that should be focused on. To make their work acceptable, a pupil needs to make sure the delivered writing is free of plagiarism or duplicate content. When it comes to writing thesis and dissertations for higher studies, you need to mention citations and resources from where the information is acquired.

Moreover, content plagiarism can lead to serious punishments, and you should thoroughly go through copyrights before taking information from any sort of work that has been already published. Students should read the content or webpages just for gathering information and factual data which can then be written in their own words to avoid plagiarism.

why is plagiarism illegal

How can you avoid plagiarism?

Originality and authenticity could only be achieved if you are able to thoroughly research before starting writing. Although it is time consuming and challenging to find the best suitable information, students can follow some simple techniques that can help them in learning why is plagiarism illegal. After you are assigned a topic for writing, perform in-depth research on it and look through similar publications as well.

Moreover, research on the author’s credibility, education and background can also give you an idea about the authenticity and quality of writing. In case you are not clear about the point of focus, reading the article twice can surely make it easier to comprehend. Students are also advised to check for unknown terms or phrases so that they can clearly explain them to the general audience.

Things to be focused

Plagiarism has always been a serious concern in colleges, schools, and universities since ages but has now become more important since the beginning of the internet. As search engines easily find out and report duplicate content, you can simply get caught by posting copied content within no time. There is a high number of students expelled for plagiarism in universities and colleges throughout the world because they are unaware of why is plagiarism illegal. Although pupil finds it difficult to cite resources and copy other person’s work or ideas, this can lead to serious problems for them in the future.

Perform article review to avoid plagiarism

Students are advised to take information or data from credible sources or authentic websites only. Choose a source that is reliable and trustworthy so that you can start writing without any hesitation. Moreover, taking any information directly from websites or newspapers is definitely not recommended as you might not be able to find good evidence in each case.

When writing any type of essay, thesis or dissertation, you must never directly quote from the reviewed source and always use the third person when stating an opinion. Furthermore, make a list of arguments provided by the author so that you can give your own suggestions or recommendations on why is plagiarism illegal. Lastly, you can also choose from MLA or APA formatting styles for your document to make it acceptable.

Stay safe from plagiarism

Along with the above-explained disadvantages of plagiarism, the approach can bring several other unwanted circumstances for students during their educational years. Plagiarism allegations can get a student expelled or suspended from any institution and can greatly affect their academic record as well. Renown schools, colleges or universities have serious rules to deal with plagiarism, and they can immediately suspend any student who is found being involved in such activities. At the professional level, plagiarism can lead to destroyed reputation and strict allegations towards the person who is found guilty.

Once you are done with completing your writing work, make sure the content is double-checked for plagiarism, grammatical and syntax mistakes so that you do not have to face any problems in the future. Plagiarism is a serious concern and can lead to legal or ethical issues as well.


All types of academic writings, essays, thesis, and dissertations are meant to be original and are the property of the individual writer only. As the work is never supposed to be misused or published, students are allowed to read the text for research purposes and create unique content on their own. So, if you are determined to achieve the most out of our passion for writing, staying away from plagiarism can prove to be of great benefit.

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